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Chiangmai is in the northern part of Thailand which is known as the Hill Country. Chiangmai is Thailands second largest city and is known for its beauty, hospitality and its friendly people.

Chiang Mai, which in fact means "New City," celebrated its 700th anniversary just a few years ago, in 1996. The city was founded as the capital of the kingdom of Lanna ("A Million Rice Fields") in 1296. Under King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai, Lanna unified several small kingdoms in the north, at about the same time that Sukhothai was established further south. King Mengrai founded many of the temples within the old city that are still important today.

Majestic view of Chiangmai Thailand - WAT DOI SUTEP

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Thailand is The Largest Buddhist Country in the World

The dynasty founded by King Mengrai lasted more than 250 years, until the Burmese captured the city in 1556. Burma held on to Chiang Mai for nearly 200 years, and to this day you can still see signs in Burmese as well as many other indications of Burmese influence. Towards the end of the 18th century, King Taksin, who regrouped the Thais in the south after the sacking of Ayutthaya, finally forced the Burmese out with the help of King Kawila of Lampang.

Chiang Mai was governed by a succession of princes who ruled the north under the protection of the Siamese king based in Bangkok. Late in the 19th century, Rama V appointed a high commissioner in Chiang Mai, but it wasn't until 1939 that Chiang Mai finally came under the direct control of the central government in Bangkok, at about the same time that the country was renamed Thailand.

Chiang Mai is the Capital of Lanna Thai

Chiangmai has over 300 Buddhist Temples which give one a feeling of peace, calmness and happiness. You can feel a very strong since of culturism by just being in Chiangmai and it's surrounding areas.

Accommodation and food are of the highest standard at very low cost. Entertainment is boundful with festivals, outdoor activities and great nightlife happening constantly.

Touring and shopping in Chiangmai is second to none in Southeast-Asia. Handcrafts, clothes, Arts & Crafts Boutique and unique collectibles are abundant. Everything can be found at great prices in stores ranging from small family-run shops to world-class luxury outlets and shopping malls.

Tae Pae Gate

Due to Chiangmai being in the Hill Country of Thailand, it is much cooler and comfortable then many of the other tourist destinations of Thailand.

Make certain you take the time to experiance the outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity of Chiang Mai with jungle tours, elephant riding, rafting, and visiting the hilltribe villages..

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